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TIPS for after a wreck:
            -  If there is injury or significant damage call emergency providers and police.  Provide what assistance you can to others.
            -  Stay calm and do not argue with others.
            -  Pay attention to EVERYTHING.
            -   It is better to "gather" information rather than "give" information.
            -  Make notes of the name, address, phone number and insurance information of all involved, including any witness who may leave the scene.
            -  Take photos of all vehicles, the lanes/roadway, traffic controll devices, skid-marks, etc. if possible.
            -  Provide your name and insurance information.
            -  Cooperate with law enforcement agencies.
            -  Ask when and where you may obtain a copy of any incident report and obtain information for any towing service if your vehicle cannot be driven.
            -  Seek appropriate medical care.  Do not be a "tough" guy if you have sustained any injury.  Injuries need to be documented as soon as practicable!  Many times small injuries become more troublesome over the next few days and or weeks and you need to be able to relate these   conditions to the wreck.  This is easier to do if reported promptly.
            -  Also make sure you note ALL knots, bumps, scrapes, scratches and sore spots in addition to any more serious complaints!  (Elbows, knees and your head often strike objects in the car and latter pose serious complaints, so mention all complaints!)

            -  CONTACT the law offices of:
              O'Neal & Walker,  (423) 756-5111
before   you speak to the other driver's insurance representative!

            -  If they contact you before you have called our  office,    before giving any information, collect their full contact information along with who they represent.  Tell them that you will call them back when you are feeling better, or if you have already contacted our office you may direct them to  contact us directly.  
            -  You should always cooperate with your own insurance company.       

ON YOUR FIRST VISIT to our office  please bring with you:  
            -  Police report
            -  Vehicle repair appraisal if obtained
            -  Photos of the vehicles/scene/injuries
            -  Any medical documents, bills, receipts, etc.
            -  Notes of any contact information for the persons involved or their insurance representatives
            -  Name, address, phone number and date of visits for all medical providers.

As your case progresses you will need to keep a list of all medical providers who provide treatment along with any bills/receipts.  You can provide this information periodically to our office.  You will also need to keep a list of any dates  missed  from work!

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